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Adriana P.Sala- Mascari was born and raised in the State of Tabasco in Mexico.

Graduated as Professional Ballet Dancer with Vaganova Technique in Boitsov Classical Ballet School -Chicago, ILL

Graduated in Arts on Radio and T.V -Mexico City, MEX-

Former scholar of Joseph Holmes Chicago Dance Theatre.-Chicago, ILL-

Mrs. Sala- Mascari took her first ballet lesson at age of 5 in her town Comalcalco, Tabasco as Adriana Patricia Sala Riveroll her maiden name and continued her dance studies in Mexico City in Jitanjafora Dance School (Vaganova Technique) then, she accomplished her studies and graduated as Professional Ballet Dancer in Boitsov Classical Ballet School under the artistic direction of Mme. Elizabeth Boitsov. (Chicago, ILL)

As part of her dance career she also took floor barre and modern dance, (Mexico City).She has participated in several classes and workshops that include: Human Voice with Daniel Prieto from The Roy Hart Theatre;  Flexibility for dancers (Mexico City), Jazz into the International Jazz Festival in Mexico City.

Mrs. Sala-Mascari got a full scholarship for two years in Joseph Holmes Chicago Dance Theatre under the Artistic Direction of Mr. Randy Duncan where also she was taught by James Kelly, Harriet Ross, Birute Barodicate, Maichael Quaintance and Melissa Thodos. She participated as choreographer and dancer for the JHCDT scholar's showcases.


Through her childhood and adolescence she participated in several scholar's festivals and events supported by Tabasco State Department Cultural Affairs and Associations like Lions Club and Pan-American Group. In 1975 was recognized as the best performer of Tabasco State.

As professional dancer she joined the Boitsov Classical Ballet Company where she danced excerpt from the ballets Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. Le Spectre de la Rose, The Fountain of Bashisarai, Pinocchio and also Russian Folk Dances.

Mrs. Sala-Mascari was the founder of Eclipsey Dance & Theatre Company and participated in the Cultural Development of the Latin Arts Community living in Chicago and as a guest in several cultural programs on TV and Festivals sponsored by the Mexican Consulate.

As contemporary & modern dancer and choreographer , she participated with other performing and plastic artists with projects into the Galleries, TV and Theatre.

As choreographer she has made choreographies for ballet, modern-contemporary dance, folk dances and Latin dances as well as choreographies for social issues and modeling shows.

As ballet teacher she taught in Boitsov Classical Ballet School and Lorraine Dance Studio in Chicago, ILL.

Later on, she opened her own Classical Ballet School and Performing Arts in Tabasco, Mexico where she created different arts programs.

  Her experience include acting, writing, directing and producing. 

On September 2004 Mrs. Adriana P. Sala-Mascari opened Sala Classical Ballet & Performing Arts Studio, LTD with Mr. Edward A. Mascari in Lindenhurst, NY.

Mrs. Mascari has participated in other classes, courses and workshops related with Performing Arts including Voice Over. She enjoys sharing her spiritual life through Liturgical Dance creating Salariv Dance Theatre.

Mrs. Adriana Sala-Mascari has a B.D in Tourism Business Administration at Universidad del Valle de Mexico (Mexico City) and Diploma in Arts in Radio and TV at Escuela de Periodismo y Arte under the Direction of Mr. Guillermo Perez Verduzco (+) and the Artistic Direction of Mrs. Ofelia Guilmain (+) and Diploma as Professional Classical Ballet Dancer from Boitsov Classical Ballet School.